Harvard did a study and it was published online by the Journal Drug Testing and Analysis of several weight loss nutritional supplements.  Their labels said it included a product called “Acacia Rigidula”, a shrub found in Texas and Mexico or more commonly called “Blackbrush”.  There is a potentially dangerous ingredient called BMPEA or beta-methylphenylethylamine found in the supplements.  This is an amphetamine-like substance known to raise blood pressure and heart rate in animals and is classified as a doping agent by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

An FDA investigation found BMPEA in 9 of 21 tested supplements but no regulatory action was taken.  No public warning was issued.  Although I don’t really believe that the FDA really understands herbs and their actions in the body but BMPEA is said to be synthetically produced and potentially dangerous.

This information coupled with the recent news that GNC, TARGET, WAL-MART AND WALGREENS being accused of selling adulterated herbals is just another reason why you should not purchase your nutritional supplements online or at any retail outlet on your own.  It is dangerous.  Doctor’s such as myself use pharmaceutical grade supplements that are guaranteed to be pure and exactly what’s on the label is found in the product and one product line in particular has been doing this extensive testing for more than 40 years.  In fact GNC reached a settlement with the New York Attorney General requiring GNC to start using DNA-based testing to authenticate the ingredients in a series of herbal supplements.  They are in for a rude awakening because it will cost them mega bucks to get their supplements free of toxicities and that cost will be passed on to you.  You see, not all supplements are created equal.

So the recommendation is to purchase your supplements from qualified health care professionals who provide safe and effective supplements.  They provide supplements based on your medical history and qualified lab results for your safety.  I have repeatedly provided weight loss to thousands of patients with excellent results and not from a magic pill .  Weight loss will happen when the issue of  imbalanced hormones are corrected, chronic virus’ removed and your thyroid functioning properly. This kind of weight loss is long lasting.

By Dr. Paulette Coates

(References provided upon request)