Why Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine focuses on identifying the actual “cause” of symptoms or disease through more detailed and comprehensive laboratory tests. It strives to restore metabolic function, cellular health and overall well-being through natural treatments and lifestyle modifications so that unnecessary drugs can be eliminated. Functional medicine is a scientific approach that focuses on how the complex systems of our bodies affect each other with the objective of restoring balance and achieving optimal health by establishing a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner.

So many items get ignored in today’s mainstream medicine:

  • Your Unique Chemistry
  • Prevention
  • Side effects of pharmaceuticals
  • Quality of life
  • Independence and Personal Power

We use lab tests of all types to come closer to an answer, or to eliminate unlikely problems. We seek evidence that known biochemical pathways are malfunctioning, but not destroyed, so we can use herbs and natural methods to repair them. We recognize that people sometimes get serious disease and need drugs and surgery. A timely and appropriate referral is made for this.

Modern medicine admits in its medical journals that it is notoriously poor at dealing with “chronic” illness. There is no replacement for digging out the real answers and thinking hard about what has gone wrong. Someone has to get to the cause of real problems and suffering that do not yet qualify as a disease diagnosis—We do that. “That’s Functional Medicine”.

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