Allergy Elimination

Allergy Elimination with Homeopathy and the BodyScan Machine

The BodyScan is a FDA Class II registered medical device that measures stresses to the body. With the BodyScan we run such categories as: metabolism, foods, trees, inhalants, chemicals and pollens when trying to determine what are the highest stressors.

After the highest reactive frequencies are found through the BodyScan and a printed report, we then create a balance/treatment to create a customized homeopathic remedy to aid the body to make changes and to be less hypersensitive. We treat each of the energetic frequencies that are high stressors/allergens and the client avoids the food substances for 3 days after each specific treatment* and after 3 days introduces it back into the body. Some allergens need to be treated 3 to 4 times. During the 3 day period and 30-45 days following, the client takes a homeopathic support remedy and other supplements if necessary, that helps to keep the body balanced while introducing the highly reactive substances back into the body.

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