Vopr Virusol. 1977 Nov-Dec;(6):731-3.

[Virus inactivation by hydrogen peroxide].

[Article in Russian]
Mentel’ R, Shirrmakher R, Kevich A, Dreĭzin RS, Shmidt I.

The effect of H2O2 on adenovirus types 3 and 6, adenoassociated virus type 4, rhinoviruses 1A, 1B, and type 7, myxoviruses, influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus, strain Long, and coronavirus strain 229E was studied in vitro, using different H2O2 concentration and times of exposure. H2O2 in a 3 percent concentration inactivated all the viruses under study within 1–30 min. Coronavirus and influenza viruses were found to be most sensitive. Reoviruses, adenoviruses and adenoassociated virus were relatively stable. H2O2 is a convenient means for virus inactivation.

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How BodyScan Biofeedback Can Help

The BodyScan Biofeedback device has the Coronavirus frequency programmed into it.  This allows me, with your hair sample to run a scan on virus’ and a report scan to tell us the level of resonance of the coronavirus in your hair sample which reflects what’s in your body and whether your immune system is stressed.

COST: $35 per person payable through PayPal credited to [email protected] (or send a check payable to Essential Wellness or contact me if you wish to pay with a credit card.)

To sample your hair; (cannot be colored or permed hair, there are other alternatives. Pubic hair can be used)  Best if not colored, then taken from the back of the head next to the scalp, as close to 1 inch long by a 1/4 inch pinch.  For short hair or bald: use freshly washed underarm hair or pubic hair.  It must be as close to the skin as possible.

Please put it into a plastic sandwich bag with your name printed on it with a Sharpe pen. Mail it to Dr. Paulette Coates, 140 S. Chase Street, Lakewood, CO  80226.  I will perform the scan and e-mail you a copy of the results highlighting the frequency location in your hair sample.  A low frequency or no frequency is a good result, a high frequency is something we need to begin to offset.  If that happens I will call or email you with recommendations.

I have several choices of anti-viral’s available, some for prevention and some for current infections.  Obviously I have a limited supply as I don’t know how well getting restocked supplements will go.  I recommend everyone go on high doses of Vitamin C.  Up to 1500 to 2000 mg daily, dosed to bowel tolerance.  If you get diarrhea, cut back the dose until tolerated.

Please remember that the fear of getting a virus is worse.  According to Biochemist Bruce Lipton and the science behind his work, our cells perform according to our thoughts. We must also understand that many of the current deaths from this virus were people who were already compromised with diseases, like emphysema, cardio vascular diseases and more.  I agree that with the news media scares and all that is going on, it’s fearful.  We must make efforts to think good thoughts, make a list every day of things you are grateful for, things you appreciate and focus on them.  AND MOST OF ALL, TRUST THE HUMAN BODY, the most miraculous mechanism that God made.

Say a prayer as often as you can: Thank You God for my incredible human body.