Blood Chemistry

There currently is a great deal of resistance to optimum or metabolic ranges on blood chemistry and to conclusions developed by means of patterning these values. No diagnostic procedure is absolute.

The guidelines or patterns we use are the result of information gathered between 1980 and the present on over 10,000 people using what was known as the biochemical biopsy, a blood test that used electrophoretic methods, colorimetric studies, atomic absorption, spectroscopy, hormonal studies and standard hematological studies. The guidelines we use was integrated into information developed from physical examinations, symptom histories, urinalysis, hair mineral analysis, comprehensive stool and digestive analysis and other diagnostic criteria available to the doctors who participated in the process.

Paulette Coates, DNM was trained through this method of optimization of blood chem values by Harry O. Eidenier, Jr., Ph.D.

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