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Q2 “The Experience”

Q2 Water Energy System,

A “Bio-Electric Field Enhancement Unit” (B.E.F.E.)

Q2 Foot Soak ExperienceBased upon an interpretation of Quantum Physics Theory, The BEFE unit is an Australian device, designed to provide an external source of “negative electron” energy for the body;   It’s the best ions to have.   It is not a medical device and does not actually diagnose, cure or treat any disease, or condition.   In reality it is a sophisticated spa, energizing the water, which is used as a conductive medium.

All living things possess energy fields, thus when a person’s feet are in water, the body absorbs the energy provided as needed.   Since the quality of design and manufacture are of medical grade and the unit is used in water, the BEFE has received official approval from the TGA in Australia (Equivalent to our FDA).

It creates specific electromagnetic frequencies and harmonics, which are transmitted to the body through the water medium.   The BEFE generates negative electrons, which are released into the water as a waveform, synergistic with the electrical state of the person being treated.

The proprietary circuitry ensures the energy waveform matches and enhances that of the individual in the water.

The changing electronic field around every person may cause a unique response in the precipitation of particles from the water, thus causing the unique color changes during the treatment.

Experts in the field of energetic medicine now speculate the change in electron status of the body is linked to a subtle shift in base balance, or raising the pH of the body away from acid.

An increasing number of personal testimonials draw attention to the uniqueness and efficacy of the BEFE unit in providing energy for the body to heal itself.   There is no doubt of the natural healing potential that the human body has.   It has been severely underestimated by orthodox scientists and physicians.

The BEFE, by providing negative electrons, provides energy for the body to use as required, acting as a support device and works well in conjunction with other therapeutic methods.

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Q2 Water Energy System Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Q2 Water Energy System?

There are a million reasons to have Q2 treatments but the one at the top of the list is that you owe yourself a life filled with health and vitality.   There are no drugs involved, all you have to do is travel to my home office, sit and relax with your feet in water.   If you have health problems or even in good health these treatments will still be of benefit to you.   Many years of research and testing have demonstrated that the Q2 BEFE treatment is completely safe and really works!   A relaxing and easy way to detox!

Who should use the Q2 Water Energy System BEFE?

Almost anyone can use the Q2.   Even if you have a healthy diet or have chosen other therapies available, these treatments will only enhance them.   If you are suffering from pain or if you have tried everything else definitely try these treatments.   I have seen incredible results with my clients.

Who should NOT use the Q2 Water Energy System BEFE?

Those who have any battery operated implants.   Those who may be or are pregnant.   Those who have been recipients of organ or other organic transplants.   Those with Hemophilia should not use the Q2.

How frequently should I have a treatment with the Q2?

It is recommended to be used every other day for 14 days and then 3 weeks off.   However, Most people do 1-2 treatments every week, then take the 4th week off.

How does the unit leech toxins from the body?

While you are soaking your feet in the water, the Q2 BEFE is reconfiguring and amplifying the bioelectric signatures of individual cells.  Through the dermal layer the enhanced bio-electric field is then translated to the outer cell layers by a method of flooding of energy of the next layer of cells and continues layer after layer until the dilation of the field strength equals that of the cell integrity.  This action results in the purging of toxins and nucleic waste products kept and/or generated within the cells and surrounding membranes and passes it out through the body’s normal detoxification pathway of the kidneys.  It does not pass through the feet as many practitioners are stating.

Why can I not use the Q2 Water Energy System BEFE every day?

The idea behind only having a treatment every other day is to allow the body to assimilate the increased energy level.   Having a Q2 treatment enhances your energy field, giving it extra energy to assist your body in any repairs it may need.   You need a break in between to let your body do the repairs on it own, without assistance.

Is it alright to have a Q2 treatment after I have eaten or should I wait?

It is alright to have eaten and then have a treatment.   The type of food or when you have eaten does not effect the treatment.

Should I take off my jewelry before the Q2 treatment?

While you are in the treatment, the unit is reproducing all the frequencies of the body in their entirety.   If you are wearing jewelry, the unit will reproduce all frequencies of the body including those of the jewelry as though they are one.   The reason this is not a desirable effect is simple, for the unit to work on your body at its optimal efficiency there should only be your very own unaltered body frequency in the water.   So, Yes it is advisable to NOT wear jewelry the day of your treatment.

Why do certain parts of my body tingle or slightly hurt during a Q2 treatment?

Generally certain parts of your body tingle or slightly hurt as this is the area the Q2 unit is focusing its attention on.   You can probably remember at one time you might have injured that area.   If you can’t remember injuring that area, it could be that it’s your circulation it is working on.   If this tingle or slight pain becomes uncomfortable, it is recommended to shorten the time of the session and then the next session shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Why do I feel tired after a Q2 treatment?

Our bodies do most of their regenerating while we are asleep.   Some people comment that they feel tired after a treatment, we recommend that you go home and rest after a treatment to allow this regeneration to happen.

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