The Body Restoration Technique

The Body Restoration Technique (BRT™)

BRT™ is a method of repairing the damage done by synthetic estrogens from HRT (hormonal replacement therapy), hormones in animal meats and birth control pills. It was found that these estrogens and chemicals that act like estrogen interfere with the thyroid and other glandular functions. When applying BRT™ to a sluggish thyroid, abnormal ovary or an enlarged prostate , dramatic improvements can be seen within several treatments. What BRT™ does is energetically give your body information that eliminates the confusion among the hormones as well as sort of reboot your body just like a computer. Through this technique we have discovered why certain people cannot lose weight, even after exercise and dieting, and how to make the hormones more available to promote wellness.

What is a BRT™ Treatment Like?

The first appointment is to assess the priorities for your body through the use of muscle testing response to find the exact communication weaknesses. We then treat up to 3 weakness in the first appointment. The treatment is an interactive treatment with breathing exercises and some light tapping down the spine. It’s like rebooting the body through the nervous system while utilizing acupressure points to train the body to communicate again. Treatment lasts approximately 1/2 hour of your time.


  • Gradual and steady increase in weight?
  • Feeling of inactivity?
  • Lack of interest in life?
  • Fatigue, lethargy and feeling down (depressed)?
  • Cold intolerance (can’t stand sudden temperature changes)?
  • Hair falls out, coarse hair?
  • Dry skin?
  • Constipation or sluggish bowels?
  • Low body temperature?
  • Feeling of dullness and poor mental focus?
  • Higher Cholesterol?
  • Joint stiffness and arthritis?
  • Fluid retention?
  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping through the night)?

Who Developed BRT™?

Dr. Eric Berg, Doctor of Chiropractic by the Virginia and California Boards of Medicine developed BRT after doing research study on the thyroid gland and discovered a common denominator to virtually all thyroid/hormone conditions. He found that specific hormone blockers or endocrine disrupters were the culprit behind stubborn weight issues, PMS, thyroid dysfunctions, prostate and many other hormone imbalances. By addressing these on an energetic/bionetic level, accompanied by a simple laser treatment on some acupressure points on hands and feet has incredibly restored hormonal balance in the body.

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