"BRT Works!!

I came to you with what appeared as a hormonal imbalance as my husband and I have been trying for 2 years to have a child and I was unable to get pregnant. I also had asthma related to allergies. We did 2 allergy elimination techniques, 4 BRT (Body Restoration Techniques and 1 BodyScan with a Customized Nutritional Protocol). I have felt better, my allergies do not seem to bother me and yes, I am pregnant. I will give you updates as things go. Currently I don't have very many symptoms, other than breast tenderness and hunger. I have just a little nausea occasionally."

J.O. Littleton, Colorado September 20, 2009

"I'd like to tell you what Dr. Paulette Coates has done for my health the last {2} years. About {15) years ago I got very sick and could not get out of bed. I thought I had a flu bug. A friend took me to my clinic where blood work was performed. I was told my blood sugar was so high it was off there charts. t ended up in the ICU at the hospital. l was diagnosed with type II diabetes. I could only blame myself. I had gained weight wasn't exercising and my diet was terrible. Once I took stock of my situation and went to my regular medicaI doctor we started a regimen of diet and medication. We started out with a variety of drugs until I found one that agreed with me. The ensuing years! lost (40) lbs and seemed to be doing well. I also had issues with high blood pressure so I started taking a drug for that.

After years of taking medication and monitoring the averages (every 3 months) my health seemed to be stable. About {3) years ago I started feeling very sick. I felt my system wasn't right and was very toxic. I started losing weight. I was vomiting and had diarrhea on most mornings. I was breaking out in a rash on my chest and back which caused extreme itching. My medical doctor prescribed steroids. It didn't work as he was treating the itch symptom and not the cause. Eventually l decided to seek alternatives. I went to a Naturopathic doctor and was receiving treatment with little improvement.

One morning at my leads generation group meeting in came Dr. Paulette Coates. She joined our group and l knew l needed to get her opinion on the state of my health.

We started with a full body scan to see what was going on followed by a blood test. We found my kidneys and liver were shutting down due to the side effects of the medication I had been taking. We began a regimen of homeopathic remedies as I weaned off the drugs. We monitored my levels as I slowly began to make real progress. I changed my diet based on Dr. Paulette's advice to balance protein and carbohydrate intake. Last year we sent a hair sample to a lab to get an idea of my mineral levels. None of the levels were normal. I began to take supplements to get back in balance.

She really nailed it. I started feeling so much better and the quality of my life improved immeasurably. I'm not 100% but am working out every other day and l feel better than l have in years.

I feel l was heading toward my demise if I had not met Dr. Paulette. She saved my life and has improved the quality of my life. The problem with the conventional medical field is they use drugs to help the symptoms to a deeper health issue fouling the rest of organs and there relationship to cells, the nervous system, etc. The body is capable of healing itself given a chance with the help of a doctor that understands the symbiotic relationship of mind-body and spirit. Such a doctor is Paulette Coates.

I would recommend her to anyone who has been having issues of health especially ones that are suffering from the side effects of medical drugs.

Sincerely with gratitude to Dr. Paulette"

Kelly Cambron November 18, 2014

"The first time I experienced the Q2, I had a severe cold and the next day afterwards I was well, no kidding. I was so impressed that I have continued the Q2 once a month. My knees used to hurt when inclement weather was coming in, now they don't hurt. Very seldom do I have sinus problems when previously it was a constant problem. When I go home from a Q2 treatment I sleep better and I don't snore."

M.H. Littleton, CO February 17, 2005

"I found Dr. Coates in Dr. Datis Kharrazian's book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?, When My Lab Tests are Normal. Her study with Dr. Kharrazian added to her immense knowledge of the human body.

I came to Dr. Coates with many symptoms and a diagnosis of Hashimotos. My initial phone call to her instantly started my journey to better Health. My first visit with Dr Coates was 8/23/12.

A bit of my own history. I have 16 years experience as a Pediatric Physician's Assistant. I also have a certification to teach Yoga, Nia, and Classical Pilates. Holistic Heath Care has been part of my life for many years.

Dr. Coates has opened my eyes. She has helped me understand and manage my health. Her compassion and knowledge is invaluable. I thought of myself as a very Holistic person and she has opened my eyes to a better understanding of what Naturopathic Medicine is and can do for me.

I am committed to my health and committed to working with Dr. Coates. I communicate with her when needed and have an appointment every six to eight weeks. Dr. Coates has given me my LIFE back. I feel the best I have felt in years and plan to continue my journey of health with her. She is part of my health care team, which includes my Primary Care Doctor and my Well Woman Nurse Practitioner."

Ann R. Dam-Johnson March 2, 2014

"I want to thank you for putting me on the road to recovery. As you know all too well when we first began the program I was unable to exercise because of exhaustion & it was beginning to interfere with my work. Happy to report I am back from a week in Montana where I was able to take full advantage of the-great outdoors, cross country skiing & snow shoeing- up hills & for miles at a time, something not possible 6 months ago. I want to thank you for giving me my life back & for being available both by phone & email to support me on this journey. Just wanted to say thanks & how happy I am that my Spouse has now signed on to your program. looking forward to optimum health (there is a lot more I want to do)!!!"

Pam McNamara January 31, 2012

"Wow, I was full of energy. It was amazing. I felt like I drank 6 pots of coffee, except it wasn't a jittery energy like the caffeine would have done. I felt really good."

K.Q. Denver, CO February 24, 2004

"I have had thyroid issues my whole life and have tried many different avenues to correct it. I had been going to an Endocrinologist for over 2 years and previous to that I worked with a nutritionist. Not only did I feel no improvement ( cold, tired) and my medical doctor was concerned with my thyroid levels that my blood work revealed.

Then I started working with Dr. Paulette Coates in July of 2009. I have never gone back to my Endocrinologist since I have been working with Dr. Coates. My current blood work was done in November of 2010 and my medical doctor was extremely pleased. His exact words were "finally, your thyroid is normal, I like what Dr. Coates is doing so don't change a thing."

I finally feel normal, not cold and not tired at all! It took some time, but it was well worth it and I can't thank Dr. Coates enough."

Shirley Ballard Castle Rock, CO February 24, 2011

"Paulette Coates has been working with me to bring balance back to my body. A big part of this has been allergy elimination phone treatments. With each session I have noticed a marked improvement in my energy. I had never realized how much the food allergies had depleted my energy and well being. These treatments have made me much more aware of my body and how food affects it."

C.S. Lakewood, CO September 23, 2009

"I wanted to express my excitement from working with Dr. Paulette Coates, Naturopath. I came to her with a full body rash that I have for over one year. The Dermatologist did a biopsy and said that I had a viral infection on my skin and said it would go away within 6 to 9 months and he gave me a cortisone cream that was thinning my skin. Paulette looked up the side effects of the medicine to find that it causes rashes. I had noticed an ad in Time Magazine regarding Psoriasis that showed pictures of my rash exactly.

Paulette, put me on a homeopathic supplement for allergic reactions and changed my diet. Within 2 weeks the rash was gone. I have followed the diet and lost 10 lbs. in about 3 weeks. I am now on a full BodyScan balance for my body and I feel incredibly healthy and even my mind is sharper. I recommend Paulette to everyone I meet.

Thank you!"

Rand Frederic Denver, CO March 24, 2009

"I had suffered for several years with allergies to my pets. I had watering eyes, sniffling nose and energy drain all day long. I had one treatment with Paulette over the phone and during the first part of the treatment, my right nostril cleared, next over the top of my eyes and then by the end of the treatment, my left nostril cleared. I have not had one bit of trouble after this miracle energy treatment. I recommend it to anyone suffering from allergies of any kind."

D.P. Arvada, CO October 10, 2006

"I wanted to express my gratitude for working with you. When I came to you I was on thyroid and hormonal replacement medicine. We did about 12 treatments with the BRT (Body Restoration Technique). It was different than anything I had experienced before. Very calming, sometimes, I got a headache for a few hours after a treatment but the results were terrific. I lost 40 lbs. and I am now sleeping through the night like never before. I feel wonderful and will continue to work with you on our maintenance schedule of keeping me balanced with the BodyScan every 3 months. Thank you again and I will be telling everyone about you."

S.B. Golden, Colorado May 12, 2007

"I want to thank you for introducing me to Berry Young Juice. My cholesterol and diabetes have been a problem for several years. Since I began taking Berry Young Juice, approximately 4 months, my cholesterol levels have come down from 211 with my LDL levels at 144 and my HDL levels at 48 to Total Cholesterol level of 134, LDL 73 and HDL at 45. I am not sure why the product worked so well but you can see by my numbers just in 4 months how they have improved. Thank you."

H.C. Englewood, CO January 25, 2005

"To whom it may concern; I had my first BodyScan with Dr. Coates on 12/13/06. I came in with a diagnosis from my Endocrinologist of Hashimoto Thyroiditis. I was having trouble staying awake and concentrating. I was also suffering from depression and irritability. All of these symptoms have cleared. I feel clear headed and have a lot more energy. I am feeling 1,000 times better. I recommend the BodyScan, BRT and Q2 treatments."

C.B. Centennial, Colorado June 15, 2006

"I wanted to share with you the results that have been created after just one scan along with our two over the phone energy treatments with the JMT have been amazing and up lifting. The amazing side of this treatment is the energy that I now have (no more feeling of fatigue) as well as no more stiffness due to arthritis. The uplifting side of this is, getting a full nights rest, clarity, energy and motivation to complete on going tasks, garden without feeling pain and exercising without feeling tired. If seeing is believing than I am a believer. Thank you."

N.D. Lonetree, CO November 24, 2005

"After my first Q2 treatment of 35 minutes the pain in my foot and ankle (right) had subsided a whole bunch. Being that I do get bouts of gout I believe that receiving the Q2 treatment will help me control this ailment."

K.S. Lakewood, CO February 20, 2004

"I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for Dr. Paulette Coates. About 8 months ago I had enough of suffering from hives due to having my thyroid radiated by an endocrinologist which told me that by doing this my Graves’ disease will cease to exist and I could be regulated from the medicine and no longer suffer from the side effects of my hyperthyroidism.  After the radiation, the hives did go away for about a year but soon returned and the advice from the MD was to take 4 Zyrtec and 2 Zantac per day. When that did not help he said that there was nothing more that he could do.  That’s when I expanded my search for a natural doctor that works with each individual body to get the best results possible. I was very skeptical but went for it and so glad that I did. After 1 week on Dr. Paulette’s program, my hives went away and have not been back since. The “fog” that I have had has lifted and I feel that I have my life back. It is not a fast process but so worth the wait when you feel your body getting back to normal even with the thyroid being removed. I am happy and a client for life."

P. Larson Erie, CO October 31, 2017

"I do not have a healthy immune system and struggle with allergies, asthma and many female related issues. About 8 years ago a doctor told me that I had alopecia (a disease where the body starts attacking hair follicles). After extensive blood work analysis I still had no answers and felt uneasy about still not having any hair. I pursued many different medical avenues. I did allergy testing, endocrine treatments, visited many dermatologists and meet with 2 homeopathic doctors. After being told different stories by each doctors and prescribed many different medications and supplements, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster and ultimately never felt right.

I was skeptical when my physician finally referred me to another "doctor", but Dr. Coates goes far beyond another doctor because of her naturopath background and diverse techniques. From the second I stepped into Dr. Coates office I felt like she cared about getting to the bottom of my health issues instead of prescribing another pill to quick-fix to the situation. She started by using the Body Scan machine to read how my organs reacted to the medicine I was on. She then explained what natural supplements would create a balance in my body instead. It was an eye opening experience to see how my body "talked" to the machine and how she knew exactly what to do to start changing my body chemistry. She mentioned some reasons for the hair loss and informed me about the Block diet.

I feel like a new person and understand how to eat the right kinds of proteins, fats, and carbs in organic foods after her explanations. She also gave me a workout routine to compliment the "diet". She has analyzed blood and explained the results in terms I can understand, and works very hard to collaborate with any doctors she feels necessary to get the best results specific to me. The BRT treatment has helped my menstrual cycle some and look forward to continue the process.

I could go on and on about the amazing changes I have felt and seen in my body since meeting with Dr. Coates. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Coates was motivated to become a naturopath due to her health issues. I trust her and know she understands what it takes to truly feel better after struggling with health herself. She is experienced in so many different techniques so she is bound to find something that will work for anyone that steps in her door. She is a very amazing "doctor" who cares about you as a person and makes you feel like you are her only client. Thank you Paulette for your dedication and hard work to fixing me up!

Some things Paulette has done for me:

  1. Opened my eyes to a life changing diet
  2. Offered a workout program specific to my body
  3. Practiced Body Restoration Treatments to assist my menstrual cycle
  4. Stabilized my hair from falling out
  5. Created a supplement program to meet all of my body's needs
  6. Worked collaboratively with my physician about any altered medicine/supplements
  7. Spent many hours reading blood work and my body's organs
  8. Tested for food allergies
  9. Communicated regularly by answering all of my questions in a timely manner
  10. Talked about my all around well being
  11. Celebrated with me any positive changes to this point
  12. Given me a piece of mind
  13. Not given a quick fix cover up like other doctors
  14. Used the Body scan machine to prove the possibilities of changing my life
  15. Cared about me as a person no just another patient.

Thank you Dr. Coates for helping me to feel so much better in so many ways! You are a blessing!"

Lindsey Hogle Denver, CO September 30, 2010

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