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Dr. Paulette S. Coates, DNM, BP, CRM

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I am Dr. Paulette S. Coates, DNM.   I am a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry.  Years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.   The Rheumatologist walked me to the door with a brochure called “Fibromyalgia, The Mystery Disease” and 2 prescriptions, one for pain and one for sleeping.   This is all he could do for me. I left there in tears.   A couple of months later I was referred to someone who used a machine called the BodyScan and in a matter of 4 weeks, I started feeling better. I had more energy than I had felt in a long time but the pain was still there.   She also told me about the Q2 detox machine which I started using also. I did my own research to find out that Fibromyalgia can be an acid condition and/or an underlying thyroid disorder.

I was on Hormonal Replacement Therapy from my medical doctor for 10 years and it was this medicine that made me sick, I was sure of it.   I started doing liver cleanses and not much changed.   Then I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils.   I used an oil blend that was designed for the liver.   I used hot compresses over my liver and within days I could feel a difference. Then I was introduced to the BRT, Body Restoration Technique because I was still not sleeping.   I was a person that slept for one hour and then awake for 2, fall asleep again for one hour and up for 2.   I did this for 7 years prior and the Doctor had me on 4 grains of Thyroid meds but that didn’t work, so I tried the BRT.   I was treated with about 10-15 treatments and when I was treated with the Endocrine Disruptor, Thyroid #5, I slept for 7 hours straight that night.   It was a miracle.   I felt amazing. It changed my sleep pattern permanently.

Then I was treated with the JMT, Jaffe-Mellor Technique for Fibromyalgia and a lot of my pain went away.   These modalities along with Walt Coates, Neuromuscular therapist were the modalities that got me a clean bill of health from my Rhumatologist in only one year.   The Doctor was amazed, he said, “I have never seen any one be as sick as you were and be this well in one year, what did you do?   I told him all that got me well. I was so inspired by my healing process that I purchased a BodyScan Machine and became trained to run it.   Then on to become a Naturopathic Doctor.   I have helped many people learn that they do not have to suffer from these diseases that the medical profession seems to make worse with medicines or cannot even make a difference in the suffering. These modalities have helped many people, I’d love to help you to.

What is Naturopathy?

A naturopath is a teacher of natural means for enhancing health, wellness and longevity. Naturopathy is not a system of medicine, diagnosis or treatments such as are held by the medical societies, but a lifestyle of practices which builds immunity, improves mental health and enhances body function. Our belief is that every person has the right to learn of the natural God-given, life-enhancing practices embodied in naturopathy which will help him/her maintain mental, physical and emotional health.

Naturopathy embodies philosophies and principles involving pure water, clean air, wholesome food, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, proper living, appropriate rest, right thinking, absence from toxic substances, body ecology, effective management of stress and a number of other natural subjects which lead to a balanced living concept. Naturopathic Ministry believes that physical health is primarily a reflection of God’s universal law of cause and effect. A man reaps what he sows. How we care for our bodies is both a physical and spiritual issue which impacts our health and the health of our offspring. In cases where health principles have been violated the only true “cure” is for the body to restore its own protective mechanisms by removing those physical and spiritual roadblocks which hinder proper restoration and/or healing.

Essential Wellness Mission Statement

Our mission is to stop unnecessary suffering in all areas of the body. Unnecessary suffering happens from our own thoughts, from our erroneous beliefs, from living a lifestyle of care that doesn’t support the mechanism called a body, from taking some pharmaceutical medicines that clearly are not working causing severe side effects and damaging vital organs and damaging bodily processes. We are utilizing leading edge science based natural medicines. Blessings on your Journey.

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About Me

Dr. Paulette S. Coates, DNM, is a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry. She has helped many people learn they do not have to suffer from their diseases. Learn more about Dr. Coates »