Processes & Fees

The Process and Fees: An initial conversation on the phone for 15-20 minutes is free.

1st. We send you to LabCorp for a Complete Wellness Blood Profile. This includes all systems of the body, All 5 liver enzymes not just 3, 9 tests of Thyroid, Vitamin D and a Digestive Marker called Gastrin. Cost is $332, paid upfront. (Once a requisite form has been generated, there are no refunds.)

2nd. We have a 2-hour phone consultation that consists of going over your blood work line by line to empower you to understand how all systems must work together for complete wellness. During this phone consult we will talk about diet, if your blood work reveals a problem there. According to your blood work we will go over necessary supplements to correct the imbalances. When the blood work clears, the supplement goes away except for thyroid, if imbalanced, will need to be managed for your life. Cost is $225.

3rd. Follow-up blood draws may be needed depending on the severity of the imbalances found but usually we do a redraw of blood in 3-4 months. Eventually you will end up on a maintenance schedule of every 6 months, then 1 time a year.

Other services and Labs:

Live Blood Analysis via DarkField Microscope $225
Urine Analysis $185
Lab Blood Draw, Complete Wellness Panel $332
Hormone Saliva Tests:
Adrenal Stress Index $310
Post menopause panel $260
Cycling Female Hormone panel $475
Male Hormone panel $270
Stool Microorganism with leaky gut $603
IgG/IgAimmune Sensitivity/Allergy = 180 Foods $680
Hair Mineral Analysis $175
First Time BodyScan Inc. EAV Balancing $295
BodyScan EAV Balancing $195
Review of blood work from your primary care $95
Review of Labs with Recommendations $125
BRT/JMT Body Reset Techniques $110
Allergy Elimination Technique $125
Q2 Ionic Footbath 20 min $75
Reiki Energy Treatment $110
Ozone Therapy, Insufflations, ear, intestinal, nasal $95

* prices subject to change from labs.

Regenerative Medicine

Biological Allograft: Mesenchymal cells with Stem Cells $3600 per cc, 2nd cc and more is    $2300 Will be injected in IV and in Brown Fat.  Recommended is 2 cc.

Ozone Therapy

Subcutaneous Injections:

  • Adrenals: $75
  • Back or Neck: $250

Joint Injections:

  • Joints:$400, 2nd joint is $200
  • Wrists $150
  • Fingers: $200

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