Castle Rock, CO
February 24, 2011

“I have had thyroid issues my whole life and have tried many different avenues to correct it. I had been going to an Endocrinologist for over 2 years and previous to that I worked with a nutritionist. Not only did I feel no improvement ( cold, tired) and my medical doctor was concerned with my thyroid levels that my blood work revealed.

Then I started working with Dr. Paulette Coates in July of 2009. I have never gone back to my Endocrinologist since I have been working with Dr. Coates. My current blood work was done in November of 2010 and my medical doctor was extremely pleased. His exact words were “finally, your thyroid is normal, I like what Dr. Coates is doing so don’t change a thing.”

I finally feel normal, not cold and not tired at all! It took some time, but it was well worth it and I can’t thank Dr. Coates enough.”