March 24, 2009

“I wanted to express my excitement from working with Dr. Paulette Coates, Naturopath. I came to her with a full body rash that I have for over one year. The Dermatologist did a biopsy and said that I had a viral infection on my skin and said it would go away within 6 to 9 months and he gave me a cortisone cream that was thinning my skin. Paulette looked up the side effects of the medicine to find that it causes rashes. I had noticed an ad in Time Magazine regarding Psoriasis that showed pictures of my rash exactly.

Paulette, put me on a homeopathic supplement for allergic reactions and changed my diet. Within 2 weeks the rash was gone. I have followed the diet and lost 10 lbs. in about 3 weeks. I am now on a full BodyScan balance for my body and I feel incredibly healthy and even my mind is sharper. I recommend Paulette to everyone I meet.

Thank you!”